Strategy Execution, Change Management & Orchestration

In a constantly changing environment, it becomes more and more challenging to remain in control and to continue delivering to strategic goals. Next to political, environmental and economic challenges, new laws and regulations create a complex legal landscape to which (financial) institutions have to comply. New demands pose challenges to existing policies, processes and technology, and even require innovation in the areas of data and technology. 

Beyond this constant challenge, recent worldwide events have led to significant changes in ways of working and business processes.  Hence strategies can no longer be the traditional “3 year plan” – they need to be robust but flexible, focusing on early execution and results, without sacrificing a clear strategic direction.

At ACE we are experienced with implementing strategic change from A to Z. We believe in making the process as lean, non-invasive and down-to-earth as possible. We combine top down and bottom-up approaches, leveraging both your and our experience together, to create a fit for purpose approach.

By placing an emphasis on stakeholder alignment (e.g. supervisors, shareholders, business partners, employees, suppliers, clients etc), we ensure traction and buy-in. We work in small teams, shoulder to shoulder with our clients, facilitating business transition from the outset. 

ACE thrives in multi-disciplinary, high pressure environments, where a range of leadership and communication styles are not just desirable, but essential. 

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