Financial Risk Management

The world of financial risk management is changing rapidly. New technologies are disrupting the financial industry forcing financial institutions to change their processes. Banks and insurance companies fall under heavy scrutiny from the regulators and are required to adhere to new laws and regulations, often fundamentally changing their modelling and reporting processes. At the same time, local and country risks (e.g. Brexit) are stretching existing risk frameworks.

At ACE, we help your organisation adapt to the game with a strategy that promotes efficiency and solid results. We utilise our expertise to assist clients in maintaining control of their portfolio and associated risks while adjusting to new technologies and processes.

In our previous assignments, we provided support for a global bank on implementing an end to end group risk data capability to support modelling and regulatory reporting‚Äč. This included upgrading the existing programme management setup for implementation of the new capability (Governance, communication, reporting, monitoring, risk & issues management, team building).

Our competencies

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Navigating the Twin Transitions

Discover how AI is reshaping the banking landscape and boardroom dynamics. Dive into the matrix of AI applications, navigate through the twin transitions, and prepare for the impending AI Act with our strategic insights and regulatory expertise.


AI-Driven Transformation: Banking Reimagined

Embark on a journey towards the future of banking with AI at the helm. From strategy to execution, unlock the potential of data-driven innovation and operationalise AI in the realm of regulatory change.

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Future-Proofing Compliance: AI-Driven Regulatory Tools

Embark on a transformative journey with our cutting-edge AI enablers, designed to redefine regulatory compliance.

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Operational Risk Management

We help you to get in control of your operational risk

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We support you in optimizing your compliance efforts

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Regulatory and Management Reporting

We support you in streamlining your reporting

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Data, Technology & Innovation

We help you take advantage of innovative technology

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Strategy Execution, Change Management & Orchestration

We support you in orchestrating the optimalization of regulatory change

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