The AI-Driven Organisation: From Strategy to Execution

As the banking industry stands on the cusp of a revolution, the AI-driven organisation is not just an aspiration but an imminent reality. ACE can help you envision a future bank powered by trust, data, and real-time connectivity, and learn how to pivot from strategy to successful execution of AI-driven regulatory change.

AI and the Future Bank

Imagine a banking landscape where trust is paramount, and services are hyper-personalized. We decode the vision of the future bank, where data is not just an asset but the cornerstone of innovation.

AI in Credit Risk Management

Explore AI applications that redefine credit risk assessment, from dynamic scoring to financial inclusivity, and how continuous monitoring can pre-empt risks.

Transforming Non-Financial Risk

We help you unpack the potential of AI in identifying and assessing non-financial risks, enhancing fraud prevention, and evolving dynamic control frameworks to safeguard your operations.

Revolutionising Regulatory Reporting

Dive into the world of real-time automated regulatory reporting, ensuring data quality and leveraging autonomous data mining to stay ahead of compliance.

Navigating Regulatory Execution

Discover how regulatory intelligence and dynamic compliance roadmaps can streamline your regulatory execution and make change simulations a part of your strategic toolkit.

AI: Horizon or Reality?

Addressing the skepticism, we demystify the journey of integrating AI into banking, proving it’s more than a distant dot on the horizon—it’s here.

Disruption and Opportunity

We explain new data-driven business models disrupting the financial industry and how they pave the way for cost savings and core process redesign.

Building Blocks for AI Conversion

Our four foundational elements essential for harnessing the AI opportunity—from data analytics to risk management, and the right change approach.

AI Transformation Models

We help you evaluate three structural models to manage AI transformation effectively: central hub, decentralised, and hub & spoke, and determine which aligns with your vision.

Critical Success Factors

Gain insights into the critical success factors that will anchor your AI journey, including business sponsorship, adoption tracking, and incentivising change.

Future-Ready Workforce

Delve into the key characteristics that will define the employee of the future in the face of AI’s rise.

Risk Management in an AI Context

Acknowledge and prepare for the new and elevated risks introduced by the use of AI, and how to strategically manage them.

Take advantage of innovative technology.

Whether you are operating at the board-level or are responsible for executing the strategy our team are here to help. We can tailor sessions based on any or all of the above topics, at the level of detail you need.

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