Scaled Agile in Regulatory Context

In today’s complex and ever-challenging regulatory environment, expectations from the regulating bodies are continuous and demanding. No longer are trade-offs allowed between quality and time. Complicating this picture is the journey towards Scaled Agile delivery that many companies are in the middle of. Yet Agile, by definition, is exploratory in nature, allowing the journey to be defined iteratively. It has the trade-off of not knowing exactly where you are going to be, or when you are going to get there. In our experience, truly agile organisations, paradoxically, learn to be both stable (resilient, reliable, and efficient) and dynamic (fast, nimble, and adaptive). Nowhere is this stability more important than in the regulatory context.

Clients often experience that there is no shared ownership of the problem of lacking control. The pressure of delivery deadlines and quality is felt almost tangibly by the senior management in the financial organisation. However, the delivery teams, while being committed and professional, often see control as a “bad word” – in fact the lack of control can often be perceived as a virtue – manifesting in freedom and flexibility – two cornerstones of the Agile manifesto. Agile itself is not the issue, however, Scaled Agile cannot be implemented overnight. Moving to Agile itself is a journey that needs to be managed and supported, until the organisation is mature enough to understand their roles and responsibilities naturally.

How we work

Our multi-layered approach operates at both executive and delivery level, while also orchestrating the interactions between these two. Our skills and understanding are unique, bringing together knowledge in regard to the journey, the regulatory context, orchestration of complex programmes within the context of Agile, the knowledge of how to embed change within an organisation, as well as the pragmatism of knowing when to prioritise maturity over delivery, and vice versa. We do this across the entire chain, from the executive through to the team level, without building an additional empire. Implementation is customised against your requirements, your maturity, and your ambition – we adapt to your need.

Market themes

Regulatory Change

We provide strong coordination and effective change management for increasingly complex regulatory requirements.

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Data Management

We help build auditable-repeatable processes to streamline the Data Management process.

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Finance & Risk Data Engine

We help you get in control of the flow of your data – from the source to the product.

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Sustainable Finance

We help financial institutions to implement sustainability regulations and integrate sustainability and climate risk.

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Corporate Governance (3LOD)

We assist in arranging the risk function in an end-to-end manner.

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Responsible AI

In the ever-evolving world of financial regulations, staying ahead isn’t just an advantage; it’s an imperative. ACE is at the forefront of this shift, using AI and data science to revolutionise regulatory analysis. Amid the constant flow of new AI capabilities, we present a practical approach, smoothly integrating AI into existing teams and processes. We believe in a future where AI, combined with human expertise, ensures regulatory compliance without compromise. Let us guide you on a tailored AI journey, keeping you ahead in the ever-changing financial landscape.

Optimize your Agile way of working in regulatory context.

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