Regulatory Change

Managing the continued high demands from regulators 

During the last decade, financial institutions and regulators have worked together to bring the financial system from the brink of chaos towards a system with a solid foundation. Given its success, this partnership is likely here to stay. The pressure financial institutions face as a result of changes in financial laws and regulations remains high.

Organisations find themselves in a strict and ever-expanding regulatory environment, which dominates their project calendar. Regulators expect a large number of metrics to be reported on a regular basis, including datasets to substantiate the metrics. The challenges of regulatory change pose a high demand on organisations, people, processes, data and IT. As a result, complex and overlapping regulatory requirements call for strong coordination and effective regulatory change management. 

At ACE, we apply our best-practice framework to support you in:

  • Navigating the stringent and ever-changing laws and regulations.
  • Identifying how to take advantage of the strategic opportunities inherent in new laws and regulations.
  • Providing grip and execution power through the co-creation of sustainable capabilities.
  • Providing lasting and future-proof organisational impact.

A standardised and robust process for regulatory change management is necessary

A robust process is of vital importance for organisations to be able to effectively manage all the steps of the regulatory change lifecycle. Data and technology provide powerful opportunities for organisations, as it renders the ability to make your organisation future proof. Through developments in data technology and an efficient internal organisation, reporting requirements and demands on data quality can be addressed effectively.

ACE provides assistance in all steps of the regulatory change management lifecycle, through a wide range of possible interventions, which include but are not limited to:

  • Overview of applicable regulations and associated policies
  • Delivery of Regulatory Roadmap(s)
  • Data Cluster Analysis
  • Architectural Analysis
  • Quality assurance (Program set-up & Governance)
  • Tools & Templates selection
  • Assessment and improvement of policies
  • Set-up of monitoring process and/or reporting
  • Assessment and improvement of control framework

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