Navigating the Twin Transitions: AI & the Boardroom

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) intersects with regulatory complexities, boardrooms are facing a dual challenge: embracing digital transformation while steering through a sea of new regulations. At ACE, we can help you understand how AI is revolutionising the banking sector, what this means for your organisation, and how to stay ahead in the regulatory curve.

AI Application in Banking

Delve into the diverse AI methods that leading banks are employing, from neural networks to natural language processing, and understand how these technologies fit into the broader financial ecosystem.

The Essence of Twin Transitions

Explore the multi-layered organisational transformation necessitated by digital and regulatory shifts, urging a redefined approach to corporate strategy and operations.

Pressure Points: Market, Society, and Regulation

Learn about the triad of pressures shaping the future of finance, compelling organisations to adapt and evolve in response to market demands, societal expectations, and stringent regulations.

The Path of the AI Act

Get a grip on the legislative journey of the AI Act, its potential impacts, and how to prepare for its finalization amid a landscape of legislative hurdles.

Risk-Based Approach to AI Deployment

Understand the importance of categorising AI systems within your organisation according to risk, and the dynamic list of High-Risk AI Systems (HRAIS) that could alter regulatory responsibilities over time.

AI Act Compliance: A Closer Look

Discover the obligations and requirements under the AI Act based on your organisation’s role concerning AI systems, highlighting the need for a robust compliance strategy

Governance Under the AI ACT

Examine the supervisory framework established by the AI Act, detailing the governance and tasks of various authoritative bodies in relation to the AIA.

Boardroom Questions for the AI Era

A comprehensive list of probing questions board members should be asking to ascertain their organisation’s readiness for AI integration and regulatory compliance.

Boardroom Expertise and the Twin Transitions

Discuss the expertise required for board members to effectively navigate the twin transitions and ensure a culture of responsible AI within the organisation.

Talent, Culture, and Governance

Highlighting the need for a diverse skill set among employees, the recruitment of new talent, and a governance structure that promotes responsible AI.

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