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New technologies are adopted and often polluted with requirements of legacy systems and incomplete, inaccurate data. This constitutes a defensive data strategy which is focused on ensuring compliance and minimising downside risk and exposure. 

In today’s fast-paced world of technological improvements and increased competition a more innovative and offensive data strategy, enabling better product development and rendering a competitive advantage, is essential. 

ACE as your strategic partner

ACE is at the forefront of experimenting, implementing and researching new technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning, NLP/G and AI in the Financial Service Industry.  

Adding ACE as a strategic partner to your data journey ensures that the latest technologies are leveraged to turn your data into value, providing you with the insight required to make data-driven decisions and to build a future proof strategy.

In a previous assignment, ACE supported a global bank in the translation of new regulatory requirements into architectural and data requirements. ACE delivered an overview of all the actions for the implementation including a roadmap with milestones.

Our competencies

Discover the other competencies we can support you in:

Financial Risk Management

We support you in becoming a conscious risk taker

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Operational Risk Management

We help you to get in control of your operational risk

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We support you in optimizing your compliance efforts

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Regulatory and Management Reporting

We support you in streamlining your reporting

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Strategy Execution, Change Management & Orchestration

We support you in orchestrating the optimalization of regulatory change

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Take advantage of innovative technology.

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