DORA: It is time to act now

Use smart technology to accelerate implementation

In the rapidly changing digital world, it’s crucial for financial institutions to ensure the security and resilience of their digital operations. The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) helps to achieve these goals by setting requirements for managing IT risks, including cybersecurity, data recovery, and operational resilience.

Nevertheless, the implementation of DORA is challenging. Financial institutions must thoroughly evaluate their systems and processes, identify shortcomings in their digital resilience, and if needed, make improvements. This requires not just technical adjustments, but also a culture change that involves the entire organisation in promoting digital safety.

The time to act is now. Start preparing for DORA to not only meet legal requirements but also to make your organization stronger and more resilient. The path forward is challenging, but the benefits of a robust digital operation are undeniable. Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

As ACE, we are fully focused on structuring, directing, and implementing new laws and regulations in the financial sector. Our core is our proven approach to implementing new laws and regulations, in which we distinguish 3 key phases:

  • GAP assessment – using smart technology to determine the GAPs in policy and other DORA requirements and translate these into a realistic implementation plan.
  • Implementation – execution of the implementation plan with the goal of mitigating the identified Gaps and integrating & securing the DORA requirements in the organisation, including the associated behavioural change.
  • Readiness assessment – using smart technology to determine the extent to which the organisation is compliant with DORA legislation and the associated RTS documents.

The analysis and implementation are supported by our own smart technology supplemented with elements that ensure a sustainable, efficient and effective implementation of DORA. Discover how ACE can transform your DORA challenges into opportunities for growth. Learn more about our approach and the advantages of partnering with us by contacting Erwin Jacobs.

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