Meet our New Director: Ernst-Jan Mante

As ACE and its sister-companies, ATOMIC and ACT RegTech Solutions have continued to grow, we broaden our horizons to non-financial risk management. That necessitates bringing in new talent, with the aim to strengthen our risk management, process improvement, and sustainability expertise and capabilities. With that in mind, we’re proud to introduce our new Director: Ernst-Jan Mante

Ernst-Jan has the experience to lead us through changing times

With extensive experience in change management and process improvement across industries and financial organizations in particular, Ernst-Jan has the capability and passion to strengthen and direct ACE’s team for non-financial risk management.

Ernst-Jan moved to ACE after an 8-year role as Senior Manager at Charco & Dique, a compliance and regulation firm in the field of (inter)national financial laws and regulations, in the financial sector. Prior to Charco & Dique, he worked as a senior consultant for Twynstra Gudde and spent a year as an executive consultant in Melbourne, Australia focussed on quality improvement and process improvement/lean management. He started his career at ING group where he held various marketing and project management roles in the banking and insurance divisions.

His work incorporates international consultancy, quality control, and process improvement across the financial and non-financial sector, including experience with national and multinational organizations. Plus, with a focus on quality improvements for business operations, executing and improving non-financial risk-management processes such as RCSAs / SIRAs, and leading large remediation programs in the field of KYC, CAMS, and AML – including advising on the use of new technologies such as IT tooling – Ernst-Jan is bringing technology and business change management expertise to ACE.

That experience, plus industry knowledge, networks, and a passion to drive change make Ernst-Jan a perfect fit to move ACE towards new directions and new horizons. Ernst Jan will use his wealth of experience to strengthen and direct our non-financial risk management team.

Managing non-financial risks and remediation programs

Ernst-Jan’s expertise lies at the intersection of process, IT, and regulations. In recent years, he was extensively involved in larger implementation and improvement programs at financial institutions, using KYC/CDD tooling and processes as well as Wwft/Sanctiewet (Sw) remediation programs. He understands how challenging it can be to strike a balance between implementing such recovery programs and regular reporting to regulators, while balancing day-to-day business activities.

Use of tooling to meet regulatory compliance

Ernst-Jan’s vision is to use smart tooling to meet regulatory compliance. For example, International financial organisations often struggle to come yearly to a consolidated group overview of the local risks in the organisation perceived by (eg.) the local, divisional or staff MTs. Whether these are SIRAs or RCSAs or other risk assessments, it is often a struggle. Ernst Jan has led multiple (inter)national companies and helped to streamline risk (self) assessments, with the use of a step-by-step approach, supported by various, simple tooling and focused workshops.

This ties in very well with the tooling, data management, and dashboard expertise within ACT.

A pragmatic approach, a sustainable solution

Change is ongoing, risk management must be as well. Ernst-Jan intends to apply his passion for change management to helping our clients build sustainable processes, designed around pragmatics, with integrated approaches, and the right (digital) tooling.

“ I believe it is important to stay connected with the various stakeholders. Everyone thinks and acts from their own assumptions, interpretations and ideals. We often test these too little together and thus arrive at suboptimal solutions. I always try to figure out the needs and challenges of the various stakeholders, to come to a sustainable solution.” 

Ernst Jan

Our people make up who we are, and we’re looking forward to Ernst-Jan contributing as he makes his vision a reality for ACE.

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