ACE5th anniversary

1. Our team is the most important asset of our company. While we have grown significantly over the past five years, we have taken great care to ensure new candidates fit well into our team and share our core values. As you’ve been working together with our team now or in the past, we are wondering what impressions most accurately reflect our people:

2. Our core values underpin the way we work, and we always have these in mind during our engagements. Which core value(s) do you most recognise in your engagements with us?

3. For 2021 we’ve made a selection of themes we are going to focus on with our three brands: ACE Management Consulting, ATOMIC Interim Professionals and ACT RegTech Solutions. Which themes do you associate with ACE Company most strongly?

Which characteristic of the ACE way of working is most distinctive in your opinion?

5. What suggestions and feedback would you like to share with us?

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